Transmission Support Services

Technical Site Survey

For network operators and telecom companies, it is important to conduct a site survey when onboarding a new client, qualifying for a potential project, or preparing for a project roll-out.

Site surveys allow visibility of current equipment and the overall con­figuration of the Client’s network, which is essential to carefully plan and provision the best and most effective solutions of network integration and support.

Backed by years of experience and utilizing our network of system professionals, Net_i  has the capacity to perform various types of site surveys ranging from general ad-hoc surveys with simple deliverables, to complex, and multi-technology surveys.

Antenna and Cable Installation

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Installation of Microwave Transmission Systems

Net_i’s in-house field technicians are experienced with the latest technology and microwave radio manufacturer’s equipment, provide on-time quality service and like our engineers and project managers, they enjoy an excellent project installation reputation and are well respected throughout the industry.

Alongside Customer satisfaction, safety is our number one priority. Our employees attend regular safety meetings and are constantly updating their training and knowledge of the latest OSHA requirements receiving training and certifications in climbing, rescue, CPR, and first aid. This enables them to adhere to safe practices and installation procedures that allow us to meet Customer expectations within project deadlines and budget requirements without jeopardizing safety.

Testing and Commissioning of Transmission Systems

Net_i provides is well positioned to safely and reliably test and commission all transmission systems, as the final part of its turnkey approach, and independently as part of direct award testing and commissioning services.

Providing this final piece to our turnkey model prior to energization helps identify and eliminate unsafe, costly and untimely outages and downtime. It also sets the proper baseline for sound equipment maintenance going forward, ensuring reliable levels of operation.

Knowledgeable and well-equipped technicians utilize the most modern test equipment available to set the stage for optimum service levels and system performance. 

Inspection and Audits: Civil & Tower, RF Components and Site Audits

Our experienced climbers are qualified to perform a multitude of services at great heights. With in-house Net_i  Certified technicians, our crews are trained and retrained in safety, standard operating procedure and the proper use of rope.

We believe most services can be performed more efficiently and cost effectively when performed on rope. On rope manoeuvres eliminate the need, in many cases for heavy equipment rentals and operators.